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Mobile is now a vital platform for brands and businesses today. Mobile is more than an opportunity. It is now a necessity for organizations. Having a mobile site that loads quickly and allows visitors to intuitively find what they need is the first step towards building a relationship with them. Develop a mobile app to diversify the online presence of your business and connect with users through a new digital platform. Grasp mobile offerings to attract new customers, leads, supporters and to build lasting engagement.

Teczonlabs design and develop mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications to help brands attract, engage and convert mobile audiences. Our app development and advertising strategies focuses on user experience and ensure that your brand objectives are met. Our web design and development teams can work with you to create a mobile interface for your current website, or even design a new responsive site that runs well on the standard computer screen in addition to efficiently adapting to nearly any mobile device.

We capture the essence of your brand and reflect it professionally in mobile interface. From color and style to language and graphics, we develop an app strategy which will detail how the branding of your app will be an extension of your existing business.


Rise Of The Smartphone

These days it is imperative that you approach your web audience from a mobile first perspective as more people will see and interact with your brand on their phone than they will on their desktop or laptop. In 2012, when Facebook decided to adopt a mobile first strategy to reach the next billion users, that was a signal of what was to come. In 2015, Google officially announced that more people conduct searches on mobile phones than they do on desktops.

Worldwide, there are an estimated two billion people who use smartphones. So what happens if your website isn’t equipped to handle mobile browsing?

Higher probability is that your potential customers won’t wait around until they have a personal computer, and will instead jump ship and find a responsive (competitor) site that they can browse with ease from their mobile device. In order to ensure the highest search engine rankings, websites today must be mobile-friendly otherwise, they’ll be demoted.


Why is it important?

Recent researches reveals that more than 70% marketing success is due to mobile search and more than 50% of consumers make purchases through mobile device. When users look for you on their phones, they are usually near you or want to get something from you immediately. So directly, or indirectly, mobile users are more likely to convert into customers. While convenience may seem to be an obvious advantage to mobile marketing, it is still very much worth mentioning. This has maximized the importance of making mobile friendly websites. Mobile web is a great source of traffic for online business. Here are some gains of our custom mobile web development & designs:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Have better SEO rankings
  • Maximize traffic on your website
  • Increase sales of goods or services
  • Enjoy advantage over your competitors
  • Attract customers and target wider audience with high buying power

Gain benefits of mobile web by bring your business to the fingertips of your targeted customers. Teczonlabs mobile development and advertising can help you take advantage of a new technology that harnesses the power of mobile devices to connect to users searching for information on their mobile devices.We have extensive experience in creating high performing, digitally transformative and feature-packed native mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms.



iOS App Development

Compete within popular Apple market by creating a platform that is optimized for iOS operating system. There are now more than 700 million iPhones currently in use worldwide, if your business site is not compatible with apple devices you are losing a huge number of potential customers. iPhone and iPad users represent one of the largest segments of portable device users; iPad devotees dominate the tablet market. This is a great opportunity to engage your customers, get them involved, and become a market leader.

Our dedicated Apple iOS developers have a long series of winning collaborations, from successful startup projects to projects with industry-leading companies. We draw inspiration from Apple aesthetics and make sure your product fits the end-user requirements for look and feel, performance and ease of use.



Android App Development

Android‘s global market share is 84.82% and there are over 379.98 million android users worldwide building your mobile app though the Android operating system is a great way to reach this huge global audience. The majority of the mobile market is using Android-supported devices, and choosing to develop your app on this platform will grant your business with access to a wider demographic and tap into a global market thus expanding your digital presence with a subsequent boost in your business.

Whether you are looking to create mobile apps that are standalone, client-server, web service driven, or database driven, our experienced and skilled Android app developers can help you achieve the app that meets your enterprise needs and requirements with a great look and feel.

We offer a remarkable experience for customers engaging with your brand on smartphones

Expand your digital impression and generate additional brand value with mobile app for your business.


Mobile marketing is on its rise, initially only larger corporations were doing it but now businesses of all sizes are waking up to realize they better get on board. By taking advantage of the ever growing trends of accessing the internet by phone, you can increase your marketing power by massive proportions.In this era of smartphones it is crucial that you approach your digital marketing strategy from a mobile first perspective as more people are engaging with brands on their phones as compared to desktop or laptop. Mobile web design and mobile advertising go hand in hand, because as websites are designed more with responsiveness in mind, so too must advertisers start thinking about marketing from a mobile perspective.

Proper implementation of mobile advertisements can help brand awareness and increase consumer traffic, as well as raise conversion rates and create brand equity. It’s a fact that mobile advertising is a fast-growing sector, and businesses that don’t want to be forgotten by the mobile world must incorporate it in their digital marketing. At Teczonlabs, we can organize and execute a flawless mobile advertising campaign that meets all the criteria to make is successful. There are plenty of options out there for mobile-friendly digital marketing get in touch to know which options are best suitable for your business. Stay ahead of crowd by engaging across multiple channels and give your business an edge over your competitor.


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Our Happy Customers

Highly Recommended. We haveve been working with Teczon labs over 2 year. Their knowledge and development skills in drupal are excellent. Very responsible and excellent in communication. I will continue work with them.

- Keun OK, CEO

Most influential in creating my digital presence. They put my fears asleep very quickly, they are on time, no language barier and get stuff done. Most impressed about is the ability to create what you want to have create. I could not recommend better than them.

-Clayton Roach, CEO

Above and beyond. I was tied up and could provide no details or feedback, but they didn't need it. They went ahead and did what was required and finished the job un-directed

Istion T- Modify Homes, CEO

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What Makes Us Different?

Fast & Efficient

Our mobile websites load fast and look amazing, so that your business can impress potential customers who visit on their mobile device.

Best UI designs

Even the most powerful, comprehensive, and reliable software solutions can fall short of success without an intuitive design and a pleasant user experience. For each app we design, there is an intensive mobile app UI planning process, which focuses on the user requirements and ensures that their mobile experience will be engaging and beneficial to achieve your business objectives.

UX Design & Prototyping

User experience is a critical factor that can make or break your project. Our UX design and prototyping experts will make sure the resulting UI is highly usable across various devices and platforms.

More business value

Our mobile application developers utilize a feature-centric methodology, with business-critical features developed first. In addition, change requests are handled quickly and effectively, thus ensuring the product meets the stakeholders’ requirements.

Vast Experience

Our in-depth mobile software development knowledge and vast expertise will help you gain the biggest share of business opportunities offered by mobile platforms.

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