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Give Your Website A Speed-Boost To Get Increased Traffic & Sales


Does your website load in 3 seconds? If not, you’re losing 40% of your customers because consumers abandon a website that take too long to load and move on to a speedier alternative. This makes website speed a clear and integral facet of user experience.

Every Second Counts


Loading time is a major contributing factor for deciding whether a user stays on your site or leaves it. The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load; the less time spent loading, the more people stick around to see what you are offering. Slower page response time results in an increase in “Bounce Rate” which means low conversion rates and decreased profits.

Your website is your entry card into the World Wide Web if it isn’t speedy or have less load time or its user experience is confusing, your users won’t take the time to learn about your product even if it fits their solution. Many factors play an important role factor in making first impression of your website on visitor’s mind and load time is most important among all other factors.

Higher Page Speed Score

Page speed Optimization results in high page speed score which means lightning fast website.

High Search Engine Rank

Having a fast loading website enables you to occupy top positions in search engine results.

Higher Conversion Rates

Highe rank in search results means more traffic leading to increased conversions and maximized profits.

Why Page Speed Optimization?


You must optimize for high speed to rank higher in search results. Google has increasingly placed a lot of emphasis on the loading speed of web pages as Google knows that visitor is never going to stay on a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. With modified algorithms, and search criteria, many search engines including Google, have made the website loading speed an important constituent of the Search Engine Optimization process. This means latest search engine ranking algorithms measure how quickly your website loads and they will select a website that has the best chance to offer users an optimal experience, in case of Google it is measured by the Google Page Speed score. Scoring 100 in “Google Page Speed Test” for unlimited pages will therefore return a lot of real profit to websites on the long term.


If you want to be successful in the online industry, never ever give your competitor an edge of fast loading website and keep your website fast and compatible with all types of browser interfaces. Teczonlabs can help you to achieve this thorough world’s best website speed optimization services. We can either develop a new website for you that loads quickly or help you get your current website up to the mark.

Major Components of Our Page Speed Optimization Services

Image optimization includes compressing and encoding images to reduce their size according to your website’s requirement; as they may contain lots of extra information (data) that isn’t needed. Optimizing images is necessary to make sure your website loads fast.

We make sure that your html code snippets and style sheets are compressed and optimized. Our expert developers make your code files efficient by removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality to enhance page loading speed. Minifying JS and CSS ensures that the web page needs to make only one request to the server before being loaded. This is vital to reduce the overall weight of your webpage and cut down on the bandwidth.

We enable browser caching to reduce the amount of processing and DB access needed to produce a page. Caching AJAX files is must for making instantaneous information and content availability to the user from the web server.

Google says "You should reduce your server response time under200ms". Server response must be fast for a speedy website because if your server response time is slow your pages will display slowly. We examine your site’s traffic, resource usage, web server software and web hosting to reduce your server response time to its minimum.

Enabling GZip Compression is must to reduce the amount of data going through the pipe and to restrict files from taking up a lot of bandwidth. File compression helps in reducing the amount of data being sent which ultimately helps to deliver request results as fast as possible.

Redirects cause your pages to load slower because it wastes time when it redirects visitor to another page or URL. Redirects are more of a problem when it comes to target customers who use smartphones. Google strongly advice to remove landing page redirects as they drastically effect your site’s speed. Common redirects are 301 and 302 redirects we remove all possible redirects to make your pages load faster.

Google Page Speed give us warning when the page has extremely large images. Serving scaled images is of extreme importance especially in case of low-powered devices like smartphones. We scale your website images to serve appropriately-sized images, saving many bytes of data which means less bandwidth usage and improved performance of your website for the user.

Resources that do not specify a cache validator cannot be refreshed efficiently and the result can be slow sites and frustrated users. During page speed optimization, we add missing HTTP caching headers to ensures that successive requests don’t have to be loaded from the server every time, thus saving bandwidth and improving your site speed.

One of the major component of our website speed optimization process is to remove query strings from static resources like stylesheet and JavaScript files to avoid caching issues with certain proxies & CDNs which result in improved speed scores of your website.

Bad request error (i.e. 404 or 410) really slow down your webpages by causing more DNS look ups, increasing the bandwidth usage of the site and substantially affect the rendering time of the page. We fix all those issues that may result in a bad request error by removing code or replacing missing resource.

Long JavaScript files in head section of your website can delay your browser from displaying page content which means something fairly serious for site speed. Deferring parsing of JavaScript we can greatly increase front-end user experience and SEO ranking. Our experienced coders defer and async your JavaScript files for quick loading of your site.

We reduce HTTP requests required to render a page to speed up your website. Minimizing the HTTP request load, can maximize the initial display speed of your content, our website speed optimization team reduce cookies size and make your request headers as small as possible to ensure that HTTP request will fit into a single packet.


Tools We Use for Page Speed Optimization

We analyze your site’s speed and make it faster for higher ranking in SERP’s that ultemately leads to high traffic, conversion rates and maximized profits. Different optimization analysis tools are used for this purpose, some of them are 

Can you afford lots of potential sales down the drain because of a few seconds difference? If your answer is “NO” then don’t waste another second to hire us for Website Page Speed Optimization to boost your website speed for high ranking, conversion rates and profits. Let’s get you on that track!

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Highly Recommended. We haveve been working with Teczon labs over 2 year. Their knowledge and development skills in drupal are excellent. Very responsible and excellent in communication. I will continue work with them.

- Keun OK, CEO

Most influential in creating my digital presence. They put my fears asleep very quickly, they are on time, no language barier and get stuff done. Most impressed about is the ability to create what you want to have create. I could not recommend better than them.

-Clayton Roach, CEO

Above and beyond. I was tied up and could provide no details or feedback, but they didn't need it. They went ahead and did what was required and finished the job un-directed

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What makes our Page Speed Optimization services different?

Faster Performance

These days, people want things fast. We optimize all sorts of websites not only for load times less than 2 seconds but also makes their overall performance lightning fast to enhance efficiency & smooth running.

Increased Data Transfer Capability

Our website speed optimization services enables your website to transfer data faster which results in significantly faster transfer speeds resulting in less frustration and greater customer satisfaction. It also allows your users to upload and download larger amounts of data from your website within seconds hence providing excellent user experience.

Reduced Crashes, & “Busy signals

If users are frustrated or unable to access your website on their timeframe, you will lose them. Our page speed optimization experts helps to avoid compromising your server by reducing bandwidth usage to its minimum which results in a significantly smoother experience for your users.

Maximized Conversion Rates

Our page speed optimization services guarantee dramatic rise in conversion rates across the site. Lowering page load time in a professional manner capture maximum conversions leading to maximized profits from your business.

Improved UX Experience

Teczonlabs guarantee improved experience for your customers and visitors. Our optimization techniques will give your website a a big speed boost across the range of internet-capable devices ensuring better, more memorable user experiences which means more ways to build your site's reputation through word of mouth.

Mobile Audience

Mobile phones now account for one fourth of the world's internet community, and on a typical 3G/4G connection an unoptimized page can take nearly a minute to load;and to capture this one-fourth audience you need to offer the load times to match. We maintain a nucleus of website speed optimization professionals consistently able to deliver all benefits that you can achieve from speed optimization and providing your mobile visitors and customers with an exceptional experience is our promise.

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