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Re-engage Your Lost Traffic Through Remarketing


Are you getting tired of visitors coming to your site but not signing up for your mailing list or buying anything? Are you not satisfied with your website conversion rates?

If so, then RE-MARKETING or RE-TARGETING is the ideal solution for your problem. Prospective customers often do not spend money right away after finding a site that has what they are looking for. They often take time to ponder upon the decision and usually check out some other business sites that are providing same solutions (competitor’s sites) to see if there are better offers out there. Remarketing can and will track these visitors in an attempt to bring them back to your website and make them reconsider making the ultimate move to convert or purchase.

Remarketing is a cookie-based technology that uses cookie-generated data to remember where a user has been, and what actions they have and haven’t completed while they visited your website. When the user has left your website it efficiently utilizes this data to remind customer of your product or service in the form of advertisement on other sites while they surf the web. Remarketing can be as broad as branding or as specific and targeted as offering discounts or promotions for the exact purchase or inquiry. Targeted remarketing techniques allows to anonymously “track” visitors across the web to find out what they are searching for and what types of websites they are visiting and then they can be attracted to come back on your site by showing them customized advertisements that are of their best interests. Teczonlabs can help you regain the attention of past visitors and convert them into customers through our expert remarketing strategies. You can be sure that your competitors are already doing remarketing to draw visitors back to their site instead of yours, so it’s in your best interest to start doing the same!


How Remarketing Works?

When someone visits your site and check out a particular product or service on your website and then moves away from your website without buying that product or service; then ads of that product or service are shown on other sites they are visiting to help remind them of the great deal you are offering and to encourage them to come back and make the purchase. Here is a pictorial representation of remarketing process


Why should you invest in Remarketing?

There are so many great reasons why you should invest in remarketing; the most immediately positive and tangible benefit of remarketing is a high conversion rate. The people you are targeting have already visited your website previously, therefore they are more likely than your average internet user to purchase from you or complete the desired action. Besides high conversion rates you can achieve several important business advantages, by showing previous site visitors online ads as part of a holistic marketing strategy,here are some of those most important business advantages:


  • Enhances your company’s brand image
  • Increase sales & potential customer leads
  • Inexpensive yet very effective and efficient
  • Lower cost per conversion and higher ROI rates
  • Reach highly targeted audiences; allows niche targeting
  • Recaptures your lost visitors and bring them back to your website
  • Customized ads highlighting items in which visitor has shown interest earlier
  • Adds with perfect timings as they reach audience when they are most interested to make a purchase

Remarketing is also a great way to promote a new offer, product or service to a new audience. Overall remarketing helps create a better connection between your business and your audience and above mentioned benefits makes it a worthwhile component of any marketing program. But setting up remarketing campaigns require advanced, customized specifications. To get the most out of your remarketing and retargeting campaigns, you need an experienced professional with a deep understanding of major online ad networks, such as Google & Facebook

At Teczonlabs, our digital marketing professionals have a deep understanding of the remarketing tactics. We have experienced professionals with deep understanding of major ad networks thus provide best Google Adwords remarketing, Facebook Ad marketing (most accurate way to target specific demographics) and Dynamic remarketing services. We start with your marketing goals and tailor a strategy that helps you achieve them over time and provide full transparency of your data & accountability for your results. We can help you get the most return on investment and generate high-quality ad placements to drive more conversions and leads for your business.

Our remarketing strategies reinforces memory and customer engagement and invites the consumer to come back to a business’s website thus providing a second chance to convert those potential consumers into loyal customers, leading to higher conversion rates.

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Highly Recommended. We haveve been working with Teczon labs over 2 year. Their knowledge and development skills in drupal are excellent. Very responsible and excellent in communication. I will continue work with them.

- Keun OK, CEO

Most influential in creating my digital presence. They put my fears asleep very quickly, they are on time, no language barier and get stuff done. Most impressed about is the ability to create what you want to have create. I could not recommend better than them.

-Clayton Roach, CEO

Above and beyond. I was tied up and could provide no details or feedback, but they didn't need it. They went ahead and did what was required and finished the job un-directed

Istion T- Modify Homes, CEO

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What make our Remarketing Services different?

Laser-Focused Targeting

Our remarketing strategies are tailored to provide you laser-focused targeting so that your remarketing add reaches the right audience at the right time leading to sudden boost in website conversion rates and higher ROI.

Measure Results Leading to Improved Remarketing

We believe that if you don’t measure it , you can’t improve it, that’s why we continuously monitor, adjust and report back to you over time and offer you the best campaign decisions based on conversion analytics.

Plethora of Resources

On-line campaign management is time consuming, especially if you offer multiple products, or are targeting multiple geo markets. Depending on an inexperienced team, you may end up with a campaign that is not fully optimized, which means wasted time to market, higher costs and fewer leads. We develop optimized remarketing campaigns with structured methodologies to operate efficiently and obtain solid results in a much shorter time span.

Experienced Remarketing Experts

Teczonlabs has the expertise and experience needed to succeed in the most competitive online markets. We have set up & managed remarketing campaigns for clients from different industries, helping them sell online to international clients all over the world. You will get benefit from depth & stability of our re-marketing/ re-targeting strategies for sure.

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